Engineering samples of Deneb izgotovyat next month

September 26, 2008, 5:57 pm

   The main hope of AMD for the future remain the first 45-nm processors plug Socket AM3, and work on future innovations are well under way. Moreover, preparations for the commercial production of microchips almost ready - in the next month, the company expects to release engineering samples of 45-nm chips, which probably will soon emerge from the most fortunate testers - will await the publication of the first data on the performance of devices. As for the sales of finished 45-nm products, they start at the beginning of next year.
One of the features of new products is an integrated memory controller that supports both standard DDR2, and came to him to replace DDR3. Ideally, processors must support both types operativki that does not cause problems for users, but at first, say informed observers, the market will microchips to support either DDR2, or DDR3-memory. If the details are confirmed, the AMD need to invent a decision to divide the two options of products and prevent erroneous purchase of devices by end-users (DDR2 memory modules and DDR3 are not compatible with each other). As for system logic, there should be no problems - the support given to the central processor solutions 790GX and 790FX SB750.
After the first coming 45-nm processors Deneb company AMD expects to release its reduced version, devoid of the cache, the third level. This decision will reduce the cost of chips, making them an attractive option for less demanding for performance computer users. Such solutions, code Propus, should reach the market in the late first - early in the second quarter of next year. Processors will initially support plug Socket AM3, options for Socket AM2 is not expected.


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