Ericsson 3G accelerates to a speed of 56 Mbit/s

April 1, 2009, 7:34 pm

ericsson 3g accelerates to a speed of 56 mbit/s   The company Ericsson at CTIA Wireless is going to show a new record for speed of data transmission networks to 3G. The developers have stated that using the principle of multi-MIMO, and combining multiple network providers they were able to reach a speed of 56 Mbit/s technology HSPA. The previous record for third-generation networks of the company demonstrated at MWC 2009 in Barcelona. Data transfer rate then was 42 Mbps. In the future, according to Ericsson, the use of mnogoprovaydernoy scheme (3rd Generation Partnership Project, 3GPP) in theory would allow to raise the bar up to 84 Mbps.
To assess the current achievements worth noting that the speed of data transmission in existing networks, 3G is not more than 21 Mbit/s (mostly up to 7, 2 Mbit/s). But by mid-2009 will be put in operation with the HSPA network to 28 Mbps. And to the end of the year, Ericsson is going to start production of equipment that supports data transmission at speeds of 42 Mbit/s, and the commercial exploitation of these networks will begin in 2010.


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