Everything you wanted to know about technology in Turbo Mode processors Nehalem

August 8, 2008, 12:20 pm

everything you wanted to know about technology in turbo mode processors nehalem 
everything you wanted to know about technology in turbo mode processors nehalem   Journalists Maximum PC a secret technology on Turbo Mode, which is one of innovation, embodied in the architecture of Intel processor code-named Nehalem.
The principle of the Turbo Mode is used in automatic disperse at this time kernel (or cores) in case detection to reduce the load on other nucleus. Despite the fact that Intel Corporation continues to build up the number of kernels in its products, she is fully aware that applications and games are not optimized for multi-processors, will not receive significant gains in speed work on these chips. In that case, why not turn off temporarily idle nucleus, while removing a little something, which is used at the moment ?
In order to realize this opportunity, in new processors Core i7 built a special module for the power control (PCU - Power Control Unit), responsible for the continuous monitoring of temperature and power consumption of each of the nuclei chip. In addition, new energy-saving modes, allowing food to completely disable inactive nucleus. To explain the work of Turbo Mode more simple language, consider the following example:if you play in the not optimized for multicore processors game, the chip itself booster used by the kernel staffing 3, 2 GHz up to, say, 3, 4 GHz. However, even with all the kernels PCU will ensure that their temperature is not raised above the critical value.
How it will be realized in practice ? According to hit the staff available early snapshot Maximum PC BIOS version, for the Nehalem, the user will be able to set limits for individual work Turbo Mode depending on the number of kernels contained in the chip. As a result, for supporting only one kernel of the game you can increase the multiplier from 22 till staff, for example, 30 x, and gain from its 2, 93 GHz processor 4 - gigagertsevy kamushek. If your system features a good cooler, you can install 25 x multiplier for the two nuclei, thereby removing them to the 3, 5 GHz. The same principle applies to the four cores.
Naposledok worth noting one thing on which Intel Focusing - TDP Cooling. The company encourages suppliers to test their products so that they cope with processors with power consumption of 130 W, 150 W and better. If these devices have passed the test, then problems with overheating chips using Turbo Mode is not an option.


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