EVGA submitted a tool for managing stress GPU

January 26, 2009, 12:49 pm

evga submitted a tool for managing stress gpu   Cooling and soldering, here is doing what any overkloker. It is the need for hardware modifications always otpugivala novice enthusiasts from voltmoda. Of course, it is easier to replace an established system for cooling and disperse the card to the value that allows a standard voltage GPU or memory. The so-called softmody there is already a long time, they can be achieved with the help of the utilities, and by making changes in the BIOS card.
The company EVGA has decided to simplify the task of overclocking their graphics adapters. Now, any registered holder of graphics EVGA GeForce GTX 260 (65 nm), GeForce GTX 280 and GeForce GTX 295 can access the utility called EVGA Voltage Tuner. The program allows you to control the operating voltage, which is fed to the graphics processor, of course within the maximum limits. The new version of the utility will provide support for video cards GeForce GTX 285 and GTX 260 (55 nm).
Office voltage allows up graphics acceleration on the nucleus of about 100 MHz. This is what has made the official forum EVGA for the visitors just started hysterics on the grounds of joy for our company and for themselves. In addition, the company`s assets is another tool to break up their decisions - EVGA Precision.


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