Evgeny Kaspersky examine the behavior of computer viruses in space

April 1, 2009, 4:45 pm

evgeny kaspersky examine the behavior of computer viruses in space   Kaspersky Labs in the past 30 March, 2009 Conference of the Russian space today presented a draft pilot program for the modernization of the Russian cosmonaut training. It is expected that this project could be successfully implemented in 2010. The goal is that the experiment will end a test flight of the Russian crew of the ISS, which will also take part Evgeny Kaspersky. During a space expedition Evgeny Kaspersky, along with the Russian space station crew will conduct a series of practical experiments in the field of IB, and explore the features of the operation of computer viruses in terms of space.
The aim of the conference the Russian space has become an attempt to fully analyze the current state of the domestic space in the global economic crisis. Extended list of participants are allowed to look under a new angle on the possible development of Russian space. In an interview on the most pressing problems of the industry participated in the group FSUE Space, the members of the union of veterans of the space industry Alpha-beta-gamma, as well as the first person companies representing a number of knowledge-based sectors of Russian industry, including the IT-industry. Kaspersky Lab at the event represented by Evgeny Kaspersky.
In the heart of the debate were questions of financing the industry, discuss projects and to run tests of missile technology to hydrogen fuel, the problem of the production of navigational devices, sensors and solar panels for rocket and space technology, new technologies build complex three-dimensional space objects in orbit directly. As part of the Information Security Section of the Russian Space Evgeny Kaspersky drew attention to the need to modernize the existing system of training in the context of national security, taking into account existing and future threats.
Kaspersky Labs has initiated the establishment of a special educational program on the basis of its own developments in the field of development and learning:the experts will hold a series of specialized training for astronauts. As expected, the program will significantly increase the level of training - specialists Kaspersky Lab headed by Evgeny Kaspersky will share with Russian cosmonauts rich experience of successful combat kiberugrozami. Particular emphasis during the training to be done on the modeling of situations as close to real - in terms of increased congestion and weightlessness. In addition, Evgeny Kaspersky explore the features of the operation of malicious software in a vacuum and its impacts on the spacecraft navigation systems.
As a result of the section, most participants of the conference supported the initiative Evgeny Kaspersky, considering its ambitious and realistic. The hearing draft of Kaspersky Lab in the final edition will be held on 17 and 18 June 2009 in the II Conference of specialized space inside of us.
Right after the conference Evgeny Kaspersky went to the center of pre-im. Yuri Gagarin (Star City). End the experiment to modernize the system of training of Russian cosmonauts Kaspersky Labs and FSUE Space plan in April 2010.


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