Exclusive photos of 55 nm versions of the chip NVIDIA GT200

December 2, 2008, 10:44 am

exclusive photos of 55 nm versions of the chip nvidia gt200   Staff network resource Expreview managed to get a snapshot izgotavlivaemoy on 55-nm technology versions videochipa NVIDIA GT200, which relates to the audit B2 and has labeled G200-103-B2 .
How to explain the source of marking G200-103-A2 actually hiding produced on 65-nm tehprotsessu videochip NVIDIA GT200 with 216 Shader units, which is now widely used in advanced video card GeForce GTX 260. In the original versions of these same accelerators used by its predecessor with 192 active streaming processors, marking nosivshy G200-100-A2.
also reported that production of 55-nm videochipov NVIDIA GT200 has been established as early as mid-August this year, but sales of graphic adapters GeForce GTX 260 based on available no earlier than January 2009. In doing so, they too will have 216 streaming processors and have the same reference frequency indicators as the current solutions. In addition, the assumption being that in January at 55-nm track will be moved and model GeForce GTX 280, and may even see the light dvuhchipovaya changed GeForce GTX 260.


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