Express-test:Radeon HD 3200M (RS780M)

September 15, 2008, 1:58 pm

express-test:radeon hd 3200m (rs780m)express-test:radeon hd 3200m (rs780m)express-test:radeon hd 3200m (rs780m)express-test:radeon hd 3200m (rs780m)express-test:radeon hd 3200m (rs780m) 
express-test:radeon hd 3200m (rs780m)   Get to know the material platform Puma:a new generation of mobile technology AMD, it`s time to move on to more detailed cronyism. In this article touch the issue of productivity integrated graphic kernel Radeon HD 3200M (RS780M). The next tests learn about the technology CrossFire X, which allows the use of integrated graphics core and external graphics card.
Thanks screenshots have an opportunity to examine in detail the characteristics of the chip before. North Bridge M780G (RS780M) included an integrated graphics core of PCI Express Gen. 2, which in its characteristics very strongly resembles Radeon HD 2400 or 3470. Simulation 55 - nm, 40 unified Shader processors and 4 blocks rasterizatsii, working 500/400 MHz frequency, of course, supported DirectX 10/SM4. 0.
configuration notebook FCS Amilo Pa3515, taking part in testing and based on the platform of Puma, as follows:
  • Processor:Turion X2 RM-70, the working frequency of 2 GHz, the volume 2 cache H512 Kb;
  • Memory:2H1024 Mb DDR2 800 MHz;
  • Hard drive:250 GB, 5400 rpm.

Results in disciplines 3DMark struck.
A few words must be said, about the result, let`s say voice. The most telling result, no doubt in 3DMark 2005, more than 3000"parrots"at such a level capable of GeForce 6600 cards or Radeon 9600XT. In the case of a more powerful processor, as Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80, 3300 is available and"parrots".
Using the utility AMD GPU Tool, managed to disperse the image kernel Radeon HD 3200M, must say that all available tools to disperse proved powerless in this matter. Result disperse not much impressed with a nominal 500 MHz managed to increase the frequency of the nucleus to 670 MHz.
Honestly, most important step that made the platform Puma, became the new integrated graphics. The budget will receive laptops, the sooner both of which he lacked.


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