External hard drive, nice A-DATA series of Classic CH91

April 7, 2009, 11:14 am

external hard drive, nice a-data series of classic ch91   Meanwhile, owners of laptops, who is short of free disk space, the company A-DATA Technology offers a very simple solution in a portable external drive series Classic CH91, constructed on the basis of 2, 5-inch hard drive with a capacity of 250, 320 or 500 GB.
New items connected to the computer via USB 2. 0, will be available in three attractive color options to the shell, whose size is only 134 x 82 x 15, 7 mm. In doing so, for the convenience of carrying every piece additionally equipped with an elegant cover of suede.
Here is yet not known exactly when and on what prices the developers will begin to sell these products.


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