Extra line for Resident Evil 5

March 13, 2009, 10:40 am

extra line for resident evil 5extra line for resident evil 5extra line for resident evil 5 
extra line for resident evil 5   Capcom officially announced that in the near future for Resident Evil 5 will be released additional downloadable content. In particular, the company promises to give the game a few extra multiplayer modes. Package Versus allows four users to participate in multiplayer battles in the two types of competitions:
  • Slayer s Rule - In this game you will kill Majinis (local zombies);
  • Survivor s Rule - players shoot each other. The final should be only one.

Capcom said that Versus will appear online in a few weeks and will cost about $ 4-5. The owners of the accounts on Xbox Live and PSN hardly obedneyut of such expenses.
  • www. joystiq.com


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