Falling demand for processors Intel Atom

April 28, 2009, 6:38 am

falling demand for processors intel atom   Despite all the advantages of central processor Intel Atom, almost no competitors in the markets and nettopov netbukov, the demand for the products of world leading chipmeykera decreases. Of course, every trend there is a certain reason, but in this case is difficult to identify a specific culprit. Experts still call the two possible scenario.
First, the reduced demand for Intel Atom central processing unit associated with tougher competition from mobile computers lower price range. In connection with the tougher confrontation leading producer of low-cost PCs for the market place of the constant decline in prices, and laptops have become directly competitive with netbukami. If the buyer is given a choice between a full-fledged computer, and the low nettopov, the choice is not in favor of the latter. In the near future, will release a mobile platform Intel CULV, which further affect the interest of buyers to netbukam in general, and the Intel Atom in particular.
Secondly, a significant contribution to make, and the global financial crisis. Buyers still postpones the purchase of new computer systems, expecting not only greater stability, but perhaps also the emergence of a new generation of nuclear central processors and systems based on them. In this case, the phenomenon is clearly of a temporary nature, and soon the demand for Intel Atom may return to earlier levels, or even surpass it.


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