Fans of computer games - are normal people

November 25, 2008, 10:23 am

   Modern society is very concerned about the problem of cruelty in computer games - according to popular opinion, excessive brutality, the type of blood, violence, making the game less exciting, lead to violations fragile psyches adolescents. By creating such views have led reports of the commission of a crime young Gamers after lengthy virtual battles and adventure. However, to date, all allegations of harmfulness of violent games based only on speculation - no valid and reliable medical tests have been conducted.
The first major study of the influence of computer games on the psyche of adolescents engaged the founder and head of the clinic Smith Jones Centre, Kate Bakker (Keith Bakker), specializing in assistance to their hobbies Gamers. Since its founding in 2006, the clinic has taken hundreds of young patients, so that during this time, the organization managed to accumulate a considerable amount of statistical data and experience in the detection/treatment of mental disorders.
Despite the fact that some of the gamers really want medical care to treat computer addiction and related problems, their number does not exceed 10% of the total number of games fans. The remaining 90% of fans of virtual battles, even through more than four hours a day, the computer is completely normal in terms of mental health individuals.
However, the remaining 10% of potential patients` medical facilities also does not have a serious mental disabilities - in this case there are problems of social adaptation, which, incidentally, can be easily resolved. Experience has shown clinics Smith Jones Centre, providing their patients the possibility of normal communication, when they felt truly listened to and not ignored completely return patients to normal. As Kate Bakker argues, most blame for the problems of young gamers should rest not on the developers of computer games, and even more so than at the very young and their parents who do not meet due to their responsibilities for the upbringing of their children.
As for brutality, which supposedly studying adolescents, conducting hours of your favorite computer games, the situation is also not as bad as it seems at first glance. The same Kate Bakker pointed out that the initial violent youths (not least due to the lack of education) chose more violent computer games. Thus, it is necessary to reverse cause and effect, a game could be benefit, pre-allocating a particularly cruel gamers and giving them more attention. Of course, parents must deal with this, and not the game industry to blame all sins.
Summarizing worth noting that:let the negative influence of computer games on adolescent health of his parents are trying to shift all responsibility from their shoulders to the developers. If the child`s behavior deviates from the norm, the first is to be seen caring for its people and to take appropriate measures to prevent more serious consequences. No one except the parents to exercise care for young gamers not in a position.


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