Fashion Call of Duty:World at War

November 22, 2008, 11:21 am

fashion call of duty:world at warfashion call of duty:world at war 
fashion call of duty:world at war   The company Activision has finally been issued a set of programs to create modov in the game Call of Duty:World at War. This application was developed by Treyarch, which has established itself game. Through it you can (with due skill) to create your own supplement for single and multiplayer modes. Veschichka weighs more gigabytes.
Call of Duty:World at War - a fresh episode in the famous series. The game once again returns to the theme of the Second World naskuchivshey. We are allowed to ride a tank, fly in airplanes, otstrelivat ostervenevshih Japanese, expose Americans to shout Banzai ! and many more. Most importantly, the dignity of the project - a campaign for the USSR, allowing see how our troops approached Berlin.
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