Fastvideo-400:Native VGA-camera at a speed of 400 FPS

December 29, 2008, 5:31 pm

fastvideo-400:native vga-camera at a speed of 400 fps   Domestic NGOs Astek company (Moscow), specializing in the production of high-speed video cameras, presented its latest development - high-speed VGA-camera Fastvideo-400 Standard Camera Link with the frequency scanning 400 frames per second. The new device is designed for rapid videoregistratsii processes in scientific applications, industry, sports medicine.
Among the capabilities and features Fastvideo-400 highlights:
  • The maximum frequency scanning 400 frames per second at 640 x 480 (10 bit);
  • Large pixel (9, 9 mm x 9, 9 mm) matrix camera;
  • mode a sample with reduced vertical resolution, which will reduce the resolution of the image, while maintaining the visual field and increase the frequency of training. When scanning through the entire matrix of the line, you can obtain the maximum frequency of up to 800 frames per second;
  • ability to choose an arbitrary window scan. Vertical step is one pixel, the horizontal step is equal to 8 pixels. In this mode, possibly a significant increase in maximum frequency scanning with a decrease in the size of the window to the area 120 x 90 you can receive up to 9300 frames per second;
  • Ability to set an arbitrary user-frequency scanning within the permitted range;
  • The speed of data transfer from the camera - up to 1240 megabits per second;
  • The regime of non-destructive readout;
  • The possibility of reading the previous frame during the exposure of the frame;
  • Regulation of sensitivity to multiple modes of discharge:advanced optical dynamic range of up to 90 dB;
  • Complete reprogramming video sensor during mezhkadrovoy delay;
  • The Office of instant electronic shutter:when working at a frequency of 400 Hz with the full permission excerpt may be in the range of 5 ms to 2, 5 ms;
  • The possibility of a hardware synchronization with external devices with digital inputs and outputs high-speed camera;
  • Software Fastvideo Lab providing access to all of the settings and modes of the matrix of high-speed camera;
  • The possibility of continuous video stream with a resolution of 640 x 480, 8 bits and the frequency of 400 frames per second on a hard drive;
  • compatibility with standard PoCL (possibility for a power cable from CameraLink freymgrabbera).
High-speed video camera connected to a PC via the card input images PCI-Express x1 or x4 Camera Link interface, and can continuously send data to the computer`s RAM. Writing from the camera data is usually carried out in the ring buffer memory and the user can set the beginning or the end of the recording. Results of video stored either in its original form or in a format AVI.
Fastvideo-400 will go on sale in February 2009. Currently available in the market model Fastvideo-250 and Fastvideo-300.


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