Features production Dead Rising 2

February 20, 2009, 4:52 pm

features production dead rising 2features production dead rising 2 
features production dead rising 2   In a recent interview with the creator of Dead Rising Keidzhi Inafune (Keiji Inafune) talked about his next project - Dead Rising 2. The developer did not go into detail about the gameplay, but willingly told how he works with the Western counterparts. Recall that a sequel created by the Canadian studio Blue Castle Games, with the support of the original team of Capcom.
According to Inafune, Blue Castle Games is very well aware of the specifics of the Japanese Dead Rising, which made the game so unusual. They try to retain in his particular style of Capcom. The author of the original hopes that the sequel will be much better than the first part, because the game is created jointly by the West and East.
the gameplay is still a mystery, though Inafune pointed that the new main character should get more interesting than Frank West (Frank West) from the original. You still have to monitor the time, but a variety of missions will be much greater.
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