February report on spam from the company Symantec

February 15, 2009, 8:14 am

february report on spam from the company symantec   The company Symantec issued a February report on spam. He showed that the level of spam has increased again, almost skipping mark of 80% of all correspondence.
Spammers are becoming creative, looking new social currents and popular activities in key areas for the spread of spam. St. Valentine`s Day has become a perfect excuse for spamming the new wave of sophisticated spam.
The inauguration of Barack Obama to continue to be ignored intruders that by all possible means trying to arouse interest audiences such titles as:Latest news:the U. S. is no longer the president, or What`s happening in our country, Obama has left us.
In this month intensified and Russian spammers. Spam from Russia amounted to about 4% of the total number of unwanted correspondence. Most of these letters contain advertising of goods and services and to contact the advertiser on the call suggested the recipient specified in the letter, number or send a message to ICQ.


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