A few illustrations Tekken 6

December 3, 2008, 8:22 pm

a few illustrations tekken 6a few illustrations tekken 6a few illustrations tekken 6a few illustrations tekken 6 
a few illustrations tekken 6   The company Namco Bandai has released several new screenshots Fighting Tekken 6. For a famous series is the first attempt to develop next-generation console. Recall that before the project was already available in the arcade machines. Developers completely remade the animation, think of some new characters, added the line, finalized the system configuration character, added the opportunity to carry out an attack using certain items, increased strip health.
Tekken 6 looks almost as most other modern Fighting. Nothing especially outstanding. In addition to PlayStation 3 project will also be available on the Xbox 360. Here you can find a few video clips of the Fighting.
  • New screenshots of Tekken 6.


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