File Navigator 1. 7. 4. 599:free file manager

April 24, 2009, 9:14 am

file navigator 1. 7. 4. 599:free file manager   Updated free file manager. The program interface is made in the style of old Far, and many tools for working with files and folders, like those that exist in Total Commander. The program works with all popular archiver (7-Zip, ACE, AIN, RAR, TAR, ZIP) and provides an opportunity to go to them, viewing the content. In the window manager files are available in different colors, which is quite convenient, since the files are much easier to search. It is possible to quickly view files. By default, you can view files in the encodings Windows, DOS, KOI8, UTF-8, ISO, Unicode, as well as in format RTF. View the most popular graphical file formats (Bmp, JPEG, GIF, Ico, ICL, Cur, TIFF, Psp, Psd, Png, PCX, Targa), as in Total Commander, realized with the help of supplements.
The latest version of the following changes:
  • Shortcuts Ctrl PgUp and Ctrl PgDown, duplicate Backspace and Enter, but does not affect the command line.
  • Ctrl Y removes the row in the embedded editor.
  • MS Office 2007 Files (docx, etc. ), as well as OpenOffice (odt, etc. ) to open the archives as zip (and which are in fact), but not in the associated application. To put this registry value of type REG_SZ in NonArchiveExtensions vein HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareFile Navigator1. 0SettingsCompatibility
  • The default list is:docx, docm, dotx, dotm, xlsx, xlsm, xltx, xltm, pptx, pptm, potx, potm, odt, ott, odg, otg, odp, otp, ods, ots, odc, otc, odi, oti, odf, otf, odm, oth.
  • To facilitate the transition to FAR modified menu order of the network, the temporary panel and FTP to the one used by default in the FAR.
Developer:Alexander Kolomiets Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 634 Kb Download from here you can.


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