Final Fantasy victory Dragon Quest

April 24, 2009, 4:27 pm

final fantasy victory dragon quest   At a recent corporate event company Square Enix published the data on sales of its most popular franchises. In the portfolio of this company has many different projects, but the main of them are well known to almost all fans of video games. Of course, it was a magical three Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.
So, the most successful series of this Trinity is the Final Fantasy. Total circulation of all projects produced under this brand that has long exceeded 85 million copies. A huge result, that talk. Uspekhi Dragon Quest is much more modest - only 47 million units. However, we must remember that this series is not very well known in the west. Most of the 47 million are likely to occur in Japan.
As for the Kingdom Hearts, the total number of games that were released under this brand is not more than 12 million This is easily explained, because the franchisee very young.


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