Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3 has already sold

April 16, 2009, 3:24 pm

final fantasy vii for the playstation 3 has already sold   If you are still not connected prefix PlayStation 3 to the internet, then please do so immediately, because Square Enix posted on the Japanese PlayStation Store special digital version of its award-winning JRPG Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. Speak Japanese users can download a so-called International-edition product that was released in 1997. It includes all updates and patches from the American version.
It should be noted that archaic Final Fantasy VII is more expensive than all other classical PS-games on the PlayStation Store. Its price is # 165, 1500 ($ 15), which is about three times more than the standard shortcut for # 165, 600 ($ 6). However, we doubt that it would interfere with nostalgic fans of the franchisee to purchase a super-hit.
Unfortunately, the United States this thing will not produce. We hope that Square Enix does, and lay out to bring an international version of the famous game.
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