Final Fantasy XIII demo is fully recorded on video

April 17, 2009, 8:36 am

final fantasy xiii demo is fully recorded on video   Are the years, changing presidents, exploding airplanes, volcanoes erupt, and Final Fantasy remains virtually unchanged. After the release of Final Fantasy VII famous series stopped at the scene by exploiting nabivshuyu oskominu formula of the most beautiful spots, a huge number of bosses and boring fights in the step-by-step/realtaymovoy system. A small deviation from the standards was the Final Fantasy XII, which reminded MMOG, rather than the standard JRPG.
Final Fantasy XIII, apparently, will return to our roots. At least, this conclusion can be drawn by looking at the video of the Japanese demo of the anticipated project. Clips posted on YouTube.
The game is of mixed feelings. Like a real hit with the magic graphics, colorful special effects, a bunch of amusing characters and nice world, but how sick is monotonic tests and the minimum interactivity. Plus to everything, why all the latest Final Fantasy so like Star Wars ?
  • Japanese Final Fantasy XIII demo on video.


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