The first data speed GeForce GTX 285 in games and disciplines 3DMark

January 5, 2009, 7:31 am

the first data speed geforce gtx 285 in games and disciplines 3dmarkthe first data speed geforce gtx 285 in games and disciplines 3dmarkthe first data speed geforce gtx 285 in games and disciplines 3dmark 
the first data speed geforce gtx 285 in games and disciplines 3dmark   A comparison of two of the fastest odnochipovyh solutions from NVIDIA has produced some of the speed GeForce GTX 285. Although the testing is done directly to a California company, it became clear that productivity has increased by about 10%. Remember, a decision which is based on the 55-nm version of GT200 chip with 240 stream processors, will be presented at the opening day of the 2009 International CES exhibition in Las Vegas. Thanks to the two information sources now have the opportunity to ascertain the veracity of the tests graphic giant.
Staff German site ComputerBase. de tests conducted on the basis that we have raised in the article, one by one:GeForce GTX 285 to GTX 280. They podognali frequency formula graphics adapter GeForce GTX 280 under the formula GeForce GTX 285. Thus, our colleagues came into possession of pseudo GeForce GTX 285. The review is quite extensive, covering many modern games and take part in the 15 cards. Those who wish to learn more can click on this link and study the material independently. We give a consolidated schedule, which shows top cards in play, except for synthetic disciplines 3DMark. Once again, the test did not take part GeForce GTX 285 graphics card, but nevertheless we are once again is the 10% advantage of the latest odnochipovogo Adapter.
guys with a resource HARDSPELL. COM, probably visited Hong Kong and bought a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 285, conducted a rapid test. To this end, they collected system based on CPU Core i7-920, which runs at 2, 88 GHz. Installed graphics adapter Gigabyte GeForce GTX 285 and prognali only two test 3DMark 2005 and 3DMark Vantage. It should be noted that the more important information for us in this small test is not the number of parrots and temperature card.
Comparing the figures in 3DMark 2005 with those obtained in our laboratory on the adapter GeForce GTX 280, you can see a small increase in new items. It is important that during the testing GeForce GTX 280 graphics chip load nagrelsya up to 85 degrees, and during the downtime of its temperature was 48 degrees Celsius. According to data provided by colleagues, graphics chip GeForce GTX 285 under load nagrelsya to 52 degrees, while the waiting time for his temperature was only 39 degrees Celsius. Difficult to accept that such a figure on the priority of importance is far from the increased performance by 10%.
It may be that in our information tape soon will be a few more notes about skorostrelnosti GeForce GTX 285.


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