The first details on the new Aliens vs Predator

April 27, 2009, 11:23 am

the first details on the new aliens vs predator   As long as all traces of Gearbox and its attempts to make the game for the franchisee Aliens, journalists and gamers once forgotten that there is another interesting thing -- part of the new Aliens vs Predator, which employs over Rebellion.
In the European journals began to appear early reviews on this toy. In addition to the description of the project, there also emerges a vast amount of screenshots, which should soon be on the network. Effects of the project is unfolding 30 years after the events of the movie Aliens. As a plot, the garrison of soldiers trying to clear the huge nest strangers. In this brave hike on the scene suddenly appear predator and his many friends. They want to hunt.
As in his previous game, on this franchisee, employees of Rebellion promise us three single campaign (one for each race), multiplayer (the details of this regime has not yet been refined). The release of the project will be held only in 2010. Of the confirmed platforms so far only PS3.


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