The first DVD drive in the industry with support Qflix

September 17, 2008, 11:16 am

the first dvd drive in the industry with support qflix   Dell has released an American company to market the industry`s first DVD drive with support for technology Qflix, capable of recording movies on disks with the system of protection of digital content CSS.
Recall, Qflix was developed and presented by Sonic Solutions. This technology provides media companies handy tool for creating digital content format DVD Download, which can be delivered on the final consumer Network. DVD Download, moving organizations DVD Forum and the DVD Copy Control Association since last year, includes support for CSS (Content Scramble System) - software that allows you to record movies in a special secure DVD disc.
The external optical drive Dell comes with the program Roxio Venue, through which users can directly connect to the service CinemaNow to purchase and download movies and TV broadcasts, as well as their recording on disc. It is noteworthy that for recording protected content must have appropriate optical media marked Qflix (such produce Ritek, Verbatim, CMC Magnetics). In addition, the recorded discs, most likely, will not be played on DVD recorders and drives for PCs, do not support Qflix.
New available in the Internet shop Dell for $ 120, but subject to the acquisition of one of the products under the brand names of Inspiron, Studio or XPS.


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