First final version of JavaFX

December 8, 2008, 11:19 am

first final version of javafx 
first final version of javafx   The company Sun Microsystems officially announced the release of the first final version of the new platform technology-based Java - JavaFX 1. 0. For the first time on the JavaFX world learned last spring during a conference JavaOne. According to the developers, JavaFX is one of the most important stages of development of Java.
According to the Sun, with the new development environment JavaFX 1. 0 SDK, you can easily create multifunctional web-based applications (Rich Internet Applications, RIA), rich multimedia content to any device that supports Java, ranging from desktops, laptops, to handheld gadgets, players and TV Box.
One of the most important features of the new platform feature called Drag-to-Install, which allows you to install Java-FX applications simply dragging out the browser window on your desktop.
JavaFX 1. 0 includes support for video (JavaFX Video Support) based codec On2 Technologies and the three key components:JavaFX Development Environment (compiler and Wednesday performance, graphics, media and web-based library, an integrated development environment NetBeans IDE 6. 5, mobile emulator), JavaFX Production Suite (a set of tools and plug-ins to import graphics created in the design packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator), JavaFX Desktop (exploits features Java SE 6 Update 10, including the previously mentioned Drag-to-Install).
At the moment JavaFX 1. 0 is only available for Windows and Macintosh, but the developers promise to soon provide support and other platforms. Clearly, Sun is very slow to release a new product, and you can understand - if thirteen years ago, Java has been the sole leader, today it is seriously podzhimayut competitors such as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash and AIR. To increase interest in its platform, Sun also plans to disclose the source JavaFX. What this all will turn out, we`ll see in the coming months.
the necessary documentation for JavaFX can be found here.


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