The first images of the liquid on another planet

December 18, 2008, 8:24 pm

the first images of the liquid on another planet   Water - the foundation of life on Earth, and by analogy, astronomers believe that this substance is a prerequisite for the existence of living organisms on other planets. This in turn means - the presence of water in liquid phase allows a high probability implies the existence of life. Unfortunately, so far researchers have been able to find the water only as ice, that though promises of the presence of living organisms, significantly reduces the likelihood of such an outcome. However, conditions on the surface of the vast number of planets and their satellites do not hope for a successful search for liquid water, but other compounds may well be in the liquid phase, and there may also attend the simplest microbes.
But until then this possibility has remained only conjecture - reliable proof was provided. Until not have been intriguing snapshots of the apparatus Huygens after its landing on the surface of Titan, a satellite of Saturn. At one of these scientists found, for the first time, astronomical observation and research, a substance in liquid state. Apparently, this is a liquid methane, which drops and hit the camera lens.
How promising is this discovery said the fact that the earth is the methane environment is suitable for microbial life, and therefore in such circumstances to Titane is quite possible life. Moreover, the composition and properties of the atmosphere by satellite of Saturn in many ways similar to the conditions observed in the atmosphere of the young Earth. This, even if Titane and there is no life, will allow scientists to observe and examine the processes that led to the emergence of microorganisms, and then to more complex forms of life that have taken place on our planet.


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