The first impression of the smartphone T-Mobile G1 and OS Android

September 27, 2008, 12:03 pm

the first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os androidthe first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os androidthe first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os androidthe first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os androidthe first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os androidthe first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os android 
the first impression of the smartphone t-mobile g1 and os android   Did not have smartphone G1 English operator T-Mobile break in the light of our colleagues from Infosyncworld and Engadget have managed to hold the device in the hands, and little to work with him.
So, first, what draws the attention of pro appearance inspection device - the lack of standard 3, 5-mm jack for headphones, and when it launched the service to download music Amazon MP3, which is to listen to G1. The only way to connect wired headphones is to use a special adapter to plug ExtUSB to minidzhek, which will be equipped with new parties smartphone.
The rest of the appearance of observers both resources were satisfied:the plastic shell of sufficient quality, play parts has not been detected, the screen is a good margin of brightness, trackball otzyvchiv and easy to use, image quality built-in camera with sufficient ambient light should be sufficient most users. Built 256 MB of memory should not be an obstacle thanks to microSDHC slot and comes complete map of 1 GB.
However, the main interest G1 is not its technical specifications and software in the face of the operating system Android from Google. In general Infosyncworld notes that the interface on the smartphone operating system is otzyvchiv and speed switching the display from portrait to landscape mode T-Mobile G1 any outside competition.
The main feature of the graphical interface Android is the concept drawer with the stored icons of installed programs, the most common of which you can move on to the desktop. In Android realized widgets, for example, a clock, or the Deskbar Google, which you can bring to the screen. Unfortunately, the opportunity to develop third-party manufacturers have not yet provided.
Unlike the iPhone, Android implemented in a convenient display reminders. All of them are stored in a list format and are available by clicking on the icon located on the top bar. Each new reminder, before being added to the list, displayed on the LCD panel in the form of running the line.
But embedded music player because of neudobnogo control of the list of songs playing staff Engadget disappointed. In addition, there is a lack of video player:the default smartphone supports only clips YouTube. However, a free player now can be downloaded from the Android Market.
Web browser based on WebKit engine copes with its task to perfect, but scrolling pages occurs with some delay. Thanks to the efforts of programmers, Google browser supports Press and hold the finger images for transfer or retention, the address bar to copy the link;recognize the addresses and phone numbers and allows them to store your address book or in the application Google Maps.
Browsers Infosyncworld remain particularly pleased with navigational capabilities smartphone in conjunction with the software. Thanks to the built-in compass and accelerometers G1 device can display on your screen, the virtual world, using technology Street View of Google. When a user is on the street, displayed on the screen environment with virtual arrows indicating a direction. Compass operates in real time, continuously updating the visual information on the screen when changing status of the device. Despite the fact that the feature is still not perfect (updating sometimes happens with the delay), it is another step towards joining the realities of an expanded technology (Augmented Reality) for the consumer market.


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