First impressions of Lost Planet 2

April 13, 2009, 6:32 pm

first impressions of lost planet 2first impressions of lost planet 2 
first impressions of lost planet 2   GamesRadar staff was able to travel to Japan and visit the offices of Capcom, where he demonstrated a working version yet unfinished Lost Planet 2. Continuation of the popular winter action should appear on sale in a year on Xbox 360, and then on other platforms (at least, we would like to hope so).
In general, journalists are very pleased. Series out of the snow and now you can fight with the huge beetles in tropical forests violent. The developers also added weather effects and have an interesting co-operative mode for 4 persons. Moreover, now there is no single hero. You can create your own character.
heartily, and the game interesting. Lots of explosions and beautiful locations amusing. Terrifying giant insects will not happened. I wish only that we have such a long wait the release.
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