The first look at Silent Hill:Shattered Memories

April 18, 2009, 8:39 am

the first look at silent hill:shattered memories 
the first look at silent hill:shattered memories   Wired staff was able to get an update on video game Silent Hill:Shattered Memories. This is a new toy for Wii/PS2/PSP, which is a kind of rethinking the first part of the famous horror.
The new developers have set themselves a challenge. They want to re-evaluate the Silent Hill (the original came out ten years ago), leaving only the best and get rid of unnecessary, obsolete items. Experts want to breathe new life into a genre, using the hardware capabilities consoles Wii. The new controller, you can send a flashlight, or control the camera on a cell phone, etc.
According to Wired, Shattered Memories should get quite an interesting thing. There are a lot of physical pazzlov, quite good graphics, adjust to your style passing game with the complexity and the subconscious. The main thing is to get better than Silent Hill 5.
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