The first phase of the computer for school

December 18, 2008, 11:17 am

the first phase of the computer for school   In the wake of the popularity netbukov probably few people remember that it all began with an idea to create a low-cost mini-laptop for school children in developing countries - enough examples program OLPC (One Laptop Per Child - every child on your laptop). Currently netbuki often bought more as additional computers for use in travel. Nevertheless, examples of the use of low-cost PCs as tools for teaching children there, and that is particularly pleased, and in our state.
Thus, the non-profit fund Volnoe Case Corporation Intel, Microsoft and ASUS have announced the results of the first year of the charitable educational computer programs for school - from 7 November 2007 in the primary grades 193 schools Krasnodar territory, Sverdlovsk and Nizhny Novgorod region was found more than 42 thousands netbukov ASUS EeePC. During that time, 1, 608 primary school teachers and 192 science teachers in these schools receive training on the use of computer technology in the educational process.
According to organizers, the project will enable all participants - children, their parents, teachers, local education authorities and developers - to gain experience using and implementing new technologies in education in the elementary grades. The schools have increased motivation and discipline of students, improve the quality of teaching, there is more room for individual training. Computer Initiative for the student is in Russia charitable foundation funded by liberal Case of Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska.
The project every student elementary school classes regional free laptops ASUS EeePC with educational software. Teachers are set more productive laptop computers with an interactive interface with the class. All computers manufactured by ASUS, based on hardware platform equipped with Intel, and software platforms corporation Microsoft.
Free Case Foundation and its partners plan to continue to work together on a program of computer for school in 2009, not only expanding its geography, but also helping to create and implement new educational programs and technologies in those schools where computers have been installed. Currently, the preparation of a project in schools Irkutsk region.


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