The first photo OLPC 2. 0, with two sensory displays

January 30, 2009, 6:04 pm

the first photo olpc 2. 0, with two sensory displays   At the World Forum in Davos has been demonstrated a prototype of the second version of a laptop for $ 100 for children from developing countries - OLPC 2. 0. Owner Service Netvibes Tariq Krim (Tariq Krim) made spy photos of a laptop and posted on its service.
Unfortunately, no details about the future of OLPC 2. 0 so far unknown. Moreover, the prototype was shown, in fact, the model with a glued photos together sensory displays. Apparently, the leadership of One Laptop Per Child has decided to draw the attention of the forum on the problems of developing countries and gain support for his project.


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