The first processor cooler from GELID

August 3, 2008, 5:55 am

the first processor cooler from gelidthe first processor cooler from gelidthe first processor cooler from gelid 
the first processor cooler from gelid   In the event Games Convention 2008 GELID Solutions for the first time the company demonstrated its prepared to release CPU-cooler, which became the debut product of its kind in the range of this still very young manufacturer.
Thus, the eyes of many visitors were represented by one model of the series and Silent Gamer. In doing so, fans of silence developers decided to offer a device with four copper heat pipes and aluminum radiator, where the firm with low fan speed automatic control, depending on changes in temperature. This product is positioned as a more affordable and efficient alternative cooler Freezer 7 Pro from Arctic Cooling.
But zayadlym igromanii addressed with new copper base, five heat pipes and massive radiator, which, as its creators say, paired with a green fan of the series geymerskoy excellent manufacturer must cope with its responsibilities.
At the moment there is no precise information on when the above products will be officially announced and available in retail sales.


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