The first test platform for processors NVIDIA Ion Atom

January 28, 2009, 9:18 am

the first test platform for processors nvidia ion atomthe first test platform for processors nvidia ion atomthe first test platform for processors nvidia ion atomthe first test platform for processors nvidia ion atom 
the first test platform for processors nvidia ion atom   What was waiting for the market after getting acquainted with productivity platform Intel Atom ? Greater productivity. Weak graphics subsystem IGP-chipset Intel 945GC and Intel 945GSE was insufficiently productive to many users. There is nothing surprising, the logic of the system three years ago. GMA950 graphics processor supports DirectX 9 and Shader Model 2. 0, and its operating frequency is 400 MHz. Total 4 pixel and 1 vertex unit, plus 4 blocks rasterizatsii by modern standards a modest potential. If you take charge Intel D945GCLF, you can calculate what bandwidth will be able to provide a port DIMM for graphic core GMA950, about 5 GB/sec. And now look at what the company proposed in its NVIDIA Ion platform for Atom processors in the graphics subsystem.
So, the logic of the system with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M odnochipovoy layout equipped with compatible with DirectX 10 integrated videoyadrom. Geforce 9400M Graphics nucleus contains 16 unified Shader units, the processor operates at a frequency of 450 MHz and Shader domain at a frequency equal to 1100 MHz. Support system logic GeForce 9400M RAM standard DDR3-1066 provides the capacity at the level of 8, 3 Gb/sec. Already before the start of testing clear who would be the weakest link.
The configuration of participants shown in the table.
Chip Atom 230 processor provides support for the product from NVIDIA and Intel. The system was installed NVIDIA Ion 2 GB of RAM standard DDR3-1066, and on-board Intel D945GCLF the same amount, but the standard DDR2-1066.
We turn now to the tests, several disciplines 3DMark and PCMark 2005.
In the 3DMark tests at the Intel no chance, full rout. The most impressive results recorded in 3DMark 2006, almost ninefold advantage of NVIDIA GeForce 9400M on the Intel D945GCLF. The reason for this gap lies in the architecture GMA950 graphics chip, and Geforce 9400M. All the same, unified Shader architecture is evident.
Annex PCMark 2005 is more responsive to the performance of the CPU, although there are tests, and 3D. Intel platform is lagging behind at 35% of the younger competitors.
In the game Spore annex difference in productivity of the two platforms are more than twice, of course, to the Ion.
shooter Call of Duty 4 has refused to run on a platform of Intel D945GCLF, perhaps knowing in advance than it would for it to end.
With regard to high-definition video playback, it is not so simple. We know that the Geforce 9400M integrated graphics supports NVIDIA PureVideo HD. However, when playing video with a resolution of 1080p and the bit rate up to 30 Mbps, Atom 230 processor was loaded almost to the maximum. The platform has allowed Intel D945GCLF comfortably watch video with 720p and bit rate up to 10 Mbps.
Another point to which attention should be paid - this is power. System logic NVIDIA GeForce 9400M consumes 12 Watts, Intel 945GC and ICH7 plus much more, namely 25, 5 W.
So far, so good for NVIDIA, but do not forget that Intel is planning to provide an integrated set of chips Intel GN40, which will have a spectacular ability to process graphics and high-definition video.


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