The first tests of processors Intel Core i5

December 9, 2008, 1:50 pm

the first tests of processors intel core i5the first tests of processors intel core i5the first tests of processors intel core i5the first tests of processors intel core i5the first tests of processors intel core i5the first tests of processors intel core i5 
the first tests of processors intel core i5   Family of processors Intel Core i7 is not yet entrenched in the global market as the most progressive public opinion is beginning to assess the performance of microchips Intel Core i5, based on the kernel Lynnfield. It is noteworthy that these devices positioned developers as a solution for PCs meynstrim sector, but their main feature is the integration on a single crystal is not only the four processor cores, but also a two-controller RAM standard DDR3, as well as the controller for PCI Express 2 . 0 x16. The latter feature means increased productivity when working processor with graphics adapters, with whom he is now connected directly rather than through the northern bridge. Note that the chips are designed for installation into a socket LGA 1160 (CPUs Intel Core i7 designed for use with connector LGA 1366).
As regards the emergence of these decisions on the world market, it is expected as early as mid-2009 - according to previously published information on the Net. The most important thing is that the company Intel by this time should produce regular news - former officials chipmeykera demonstrated a working system based on processors Lynnfield, and now appeared on the Net and the first tests of productivity fresh microchips.
to start is to familiarize readers with the characteristics of the surveyed processors - according to figures provided by a CPU-Z, processors represent the Quad integrated circuits manufactured on 45-nm process technology. The amount of cache second level is 1 MB - 256 Kb to the kernel, and the amount of cache memory third level - 8 MB. At the same time, thanks to the support of technology used during the computing processors can handle up to eight data streams simultaneously. Finally, the operating frequency of the processor at 2 GHz, 128.
Test results are presented in the following screenshots:
As an outcome, say that the performance of future processors Intel Core i5 close to the performance Intel Core i7, which is not surprising - Devices based on the same architecture, and only two memory controller slightly reduces the computing power of devices. However, much more interesting to look tests processors in gaming applications, which should affect the application of integrated controller bus PCI Express. But while such information, we do not have.


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