The first trailer Dead Rising 2

May 1, 2009, 7:26 am

   From the Japanese Capcom posted online brand-new trailer Dead Rising 2 - Action/adventure, which is set in Las Vegas. The game continues to tell the story begun in the first part, however, this time sacrificed a major role to another character. However, he dealt with many zombies is not worse than its predecessor.
Dead Rising 2 is making a series of specific innovations. For example, you`ll have to make weapons, according to the trailer. Have not happened, and all sorts of ridiculous bonuses, vehicles, and other pleasant trifles. Samoa has developed into a huge casino, because of what has changed stylistic design. In our subjective opinion, in the original, it was nice.
The release will take place no earlier than next year.

  • New Trailer Dead Rising 2.


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