Fish Bowl Index:Check your phone psyche

January 31, 2009, 8:53 am

fish bowl index:check your phone psyche 
fish bowl index:check your phone psyche   With effect from 1 February in Japan put into operation a new mobile service was unusual. Since that day, everyone - individual, corporate groups, insurance companies, can connect to the service, Fish Bowl Index and find out the state of his own psyche with a mobile phone.
a joint effort of scientists from the University of Tokaya (Tokai University) and developers of Sakurai, Service Fish Bowl Index allows you to remotely explore mental health service applied for and give the results directly to your mobile phone. Grade index Fish Bowl allows you to specify such details in their psyche as the level of stress or depression. The principle of evaluation index Fish Bowl is based on technology Mental Check, designed for the special complex examination of patients in one day, practiced in a medical center of diagnosis and care (Health Evaluation and Promotion Center) at the hospital Hachiodzhi (Hachioji Hospital) University of Tokaj.
The system of assessing the mental state of the patient`s Mental Check offers to answer nine questions, and already on the basis of these results is assessing the level of stress. On the level of stress the cell phone becomes a golden fish, floating in an aquarium. The higher level of stress, the more the patient is a fish.
After reaching a dangerous level of stress appears on the screen dark black fish, stones, and even the real sinister cat with ill intentions with respect to fish. The black fish in this case represents the nature of interpersonal stress, the cat symbolizes social stressors, and stones - any other sources of stress and anxiety. Actually Aquarium symbolically displays the state of relations within the family, and in case of rise of stress may even crack. Water also symbolizes a particular factor - the deeper levels of depression, the patient, the more turbid water than the optimistic state, the higher the transparency.
Thanks to the simplicity and accessibility of services Fish Bowl Index, allowing to test the state of stress in relation to social factors, the scientists saw in it an effective way to diagnose and detect violations of the psyche in the early stages. However, Fish Bowl Index and good as a normal way of self and self`s own mental health problems.
The site of the project Fish Bowl Index - fishbowlindex. jp is already running, but access to the service is provided only to registered users, and only in Japanese. Let`s hope that all these restrictions were only temporary in nature. There is no doubt that such a service would have found a wide response in any country in the world.


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