Five innovations that change the world

December 1, 2008, 9:57 am

   What can change the world ? What really change the world, the lives of hundreds of millions of inhabitants of our planet in the next five years ? It would seem that in the XXI century man in the street have to deal with innovations in technology, medicine, physics is so often that they have long been accustomed to and can not pay for the next academic achievement any attention.
The issues of innovation recently discussed by the company IBM, to provide a report to IBM Next Five in Five. The paper, scientists and analysts predict the development of five advances, which may have a direct impact on how we live, work and entertain. And this should happen very soon - within five years.
So, the list of innovations looks like:

  • Technologies conversion of solar energy into electricity;
  • Live to communicate with the Internet;
  • personal digital assistants in shops ;
  • Doctors learn to predict and prevent disease;
  • The capacity of the human memory could be improved through technology.
In the near future, technology transformation of solar energy will be released at a level that the solar batteries can be put in place in the paint, panels and roofs, windows and even clothing. According to experts, photovoltaic modules will be 100 times thinner, which will use them everywhere.
in the next five years, doctors learn to anticipate the risks to human health and thus to warn him of the development of disease and infirmity. Achieving this will be through the study of DNA of each of us. In addition, this breakthrough will enable pharmaceutical companies to develop more effective drugs.
Very soon we will have to forget about the typical web-surfing. Traveling on the Internet can be without using the keyboard and mouse. They replaced the coming vote. New technologies will change fundamentally the very essence of the formation and perception of information.
to help vendors in food shops and boutiques come electronic assistants. In the fitting rooms will be installed sensory displays to help quickly identify the model and size of a new pair of shoes or a jacket. It is likely that the development of such assistants will be based on technologies for mobile communications.
very soon to remember a bunch of numbers, telephone numbers and time intervals between sessions will be much easier. Technology enables you to record, store and analyze the important details of every day life. We can assume that this can be achieved using the same mobile technologies and data sets will be stored on a personal computer.


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