It is five minutes WiMAX

October 23, 2008, 8:40 am

it is five minutes wimaxit is five minutes wimaxit is five minutes wimax 
it is five minutes wimax   As you know, in early September, the company Samsung Electronics and Skartel announced the launch of a test operation of a network of wireless broadband access technologies for Mobile WiMAX in Russia. The young and yet few well-known Russian company Skartel, a provider of mobile services, has built a network that operates in the frequency range of 2, 5 - 2, 7 GHz in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
And now, more recently Skartel assembled journalists from leading Russian publications wishing to participate in the beta test. On the last day before the press conference the company presented the first in Russia (it is on such a title claimed by Yota) network of mobile WiMAX, combining currently more than 200 base stations. Until the end of the year Skartel plans to build about 1000 base stations, run their own media MORE project and, most importantly, to begin commercial operation of the network.
However, the exact date of commercial launch has not been named. But on the degree of preparedness allows the judge as an impressive list of Retail and technology partners Skartel (refer to the first White Wind Digital, ION and coherent, and the second ASUS, Cisco and Samsung), and the company announced a program Looking for Champions. Under the program, almost every resident of Moscow or St. Petersburg enthusiast of modern IT technology is able to get WiMAX-Adapter with USB and independently test the efficiency of the network.
Such adapters - currently distributes Skartel WiMAX-ins company Samsung - have been made and our editorial staff. More than that - one of the leading manufacturers netbukov produced a model with built-WiMAX-module prepared for the network Yota. Currently, a copy of the netbuka is tested in our laboratory.
Also, the company clarified the situation vokrugkommunikatora HTC T8290, images of which have already been published in our news. Thus, it was announced that the joint work with HTC to create the world`s first Communicator Mobile WiMAX GSM was the beginning of 2008. Alleged that a specially commissioned by Yota Taiwanese HTC has developed a new model communicator, designed to work in Russia`s Mobile WiMAX network Yota with a new generation of mobile services.
Built-in module WiMAX and technical parameters communicator, for example, large screen high definition, provide employment services Yota:comfortable using the Internet, the ability to quickly download movies, TV shows and music and play them in writing or online in high quality . The device also allows videozvonki exercise and watch mobile TV.
Unfortunately, no details about the device the company is not reported, but it is known that the official announcement of new models Communicator is scheduled for November. Sales in the Russian market the device will appear before the end of this year. On pricing, and the exact start date sales Skartel announce further.
So you can safely conclude that 2009 be the year of arrival of mobile WiMAX in Russia.


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