Five myths about nutrition PCs, exposing

December 17, 2008, 6:28 am

   I need hardly explain the reason for which is now seeking to reduce their costs - whether an individual or an entire enterprise. It is therefore quite clear for a new surge of interest in energy conservation, in particular - for the computers. According to Energy Star, the use of best management Power PC can save annually from 25 to 75 dollars for each system. However, among computer users, at least in the U. S. , there are several related to energy myths that are inconsistent with the recommended practice. This issue has decided to devote attention to his study, the company Forrester.
first myth - the power spent in the transition process when you turn on your PC, blocks the benefits of its shutdown. To rebut the experts, the following figures:the average desktop system consumes about 90 Watts per hour for 16 hours non-nabegaet 1, 44 kW. To lose so much power in the process of incorporating modern computer totally unrealistic. Myth second - screensaver helps reduce power. In fact, the screen saver, with rich graphics, conversely, can double the rate of energy consumption at idle. Somewhat better Screen Saver type of blank screen, but actually switching the PC into a low-energy regimes far more effectively to any screen savers.
Myth third - is often switched on or off the computer worsens its performance and service life. Indeed, the number of cycles you do not do forever, but modern components provide a very significant resource, about 40 thousand times. During the five-seven-average service life of office computers are unlikely to get closer to the threshold value. In any case, for example, IBM and Hewlett Packard encourage their employees to turn off unused PCs, but some studies suggest that to inflict real damage to the hard drive must repeat cycles switched on or off every five minutes. There is another argument for switching off - thus inside the system unit gets less dust is very conducive to overheat, and from this - reducing the lifetime of components and break them down.
Myth fourth - using energy-saving modes can not be done automatically install patches and updates out of hours. In fact, out of sleep, you can withdraw your computer is using technology WOL (Wake on LAN), or develop alternative with similar functions, for example, Intel vPro. Myth five - users in the bayonets any delays in the work related to the functions of energy. Specialists from Forrester believes that in fact the actual waiting time will be quite small, and to promote measures taken to staff it is possible through advocacy and the financial benefits from minimizing energy consumption.


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