Five new processors from Intel

April 1, 2009, 4:39 pm

   How are we supposed at the end of March, the company has added to its range of Intel mobile processors with new models. The manufacturer has decided that this event is so important that a separate issue a press release, but the official price lists new processors already prescribed.
A series of 45-nm chips Core 2 Duo Mobile SP9000 Series replenished with a new flagship model SP9600, is characterized by a clock speed of 2, 53 GHz, the frequency of bus 1066 MHz FSB and 6 MB of cache second level. Price new items in bulk at $ 316.
For the thin energy-efficient notebook company Intel has produced three new processors - low voltage (LV) Core 2 Duo Mobile SL9600 (2, 13 GGts/1066 MHz FSB/6 Mb L2/45 nm), which led this family, sverhnizkovoltny (ULV ) SU9600 (1, 6 GGts/800 MHz FSB/3 MB L2/45 nm) and uninuclear ULV-chip Core 2 Solo Mobile SU3500 (1, 4 GGts/800 MHz FSB/3 MB L2/45 nm). Their price is $ 316, $ 289 and $ 262 respectively.
And the latest - mobile CPU Celeron Mobile 900. This chip, with the wholesale price of $ 70 boasts a clock speed of 2, 2 GHz, the highest in the family, the frequency of bus 800 MHz FSB (667/533 MHz for the other models), MB cache second level. In addition, it is the first representative of a family of Celeron Mobile, produced using 45-nm technology.


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