Flash drives MasterDrive of Super Talent even shustree

May 5, 2008, 4:15 pm

flash drives masterdrive of super talent even shustree   Company Super Talent Technology Corporation published in the official press release reported that through the modernization of its solid drives MasterDrive, built on the basis of flash memory chips and NAND intended for use in laptops, and now the ability to record data with greater speed.
As noted, henceforth representatives series MasterDrive DX (Form Factor 2, 5 inches, interface SATA2, memory chips type SLC), MasterDrive KX (Form Factor 1, 8 inches, interface Micro-SATA, memory chips type MLC) and MasterDrive MX (Form Factor 2, 5 inches, interface SATA2, memory chips type MLC), with a capacity of 15 or 30 gigabytes, are characterized by a speed record 80 Mb/s, 60 Mb/s and 60 Mb/s, respectively, while their large volume of 60 modifications or 120 GB the figure is 100 Mb/s, 80 Mb/s and 80 Mb/s, respectively. In doing so, underlines that such an increase in productivity will benefit especially when dealing with applications for editing and processing photos and video, and also in the process of compression or retrieve files, installing software or copying the data on the drive. Moreover, it is noted that all the products a better resistance to the adverse effects of vibration, impact, moisture and temperature changes, as well as characterized by low power consumption and are working very quietly.
is known that improved products have already been on sale, the truth value of their developers have not yet specified.


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