Four new items among the AMD processor business class

July 22, 2008, 2:25 pm

four new items among the amd processor business class 
four new items among the amd processor business class   Not so long ago, the company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has added to its range of products offered by independent line of processors category Business Class, targeted primarily at corporate clients. Now known chipmeyker announced the expansion of model range of these decisions by issuing four new products, which also applies to three-year guarantee of quality.
Reportedly, wilted steel quad Phenom X4 9750B (2, 4 GHz) and trehyaderny Phenom X3 8750B (2, 4 GHz) with the same level of TDP, equal to 95 W, as well as dual Athlon X2 5600B (2, 9 GHz) and Athlon X2 4850B (2, 5 GHz), where the figure is 65 W and 45 W respectively.
As for prices, she set at $ 224 for Phenom X4 9750B, $ 180 for Phenom X3 8750B, $ 106 for the Athlon X2 5600B and $ 79 for the Athlon X2 4850B.


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