Foxconn will collect netbuk Apple

April 22, 2009, 1:37 pm

foxconn will collect netbuk apple   Taiwan contract manufacturer of electronics company Foxconn Electronics will build netbuka Apple - the information resource leads DigiTimes, citing the newspaper Commercial Times. Paper edition, in turn, refers to a source familiar with the situation.
In the meantime, Apple may be the unit does not netbukom. One suggestion:the device will be a borderland between the iPhone and MacBook, Borrowing from the first finger and tachskrin interface, but on the second - high productivity and focus on work with documents. The cost of such a device could be as high as $ 1000.
However, to deny the release of affordable and compact MacBook, too, can not. Netbukov segment is growing rapidly, and Apple can not fail to notice this.


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