Foxconn records record revenues

November 11, 2008, 2:56 pm

foxconn records record revenues   Describing the financial achievements of ASUS, ECS and MSI, it would not be fair to obdelit attention of another Taiwanese giant - a company Hon Hai Precision Industry, more known as Foxconn Electronics. A case in October she went just perfectly, especially given the current economic situation in the world.
Last month, Foxconn Electronics, together with its subsidiary Foxconn Technology set up its own record for sales. The representative of Edmund Ding (Edmund Ding) said that showed the greatest growth segments of the consumer electronics, network solutions, as well as personal computers. In October, sales volumes increased by 7, 63% compared to September figures up to $ 5, 2 billion in cash, while the annual growth rate of 29, 13%.
Over the ten period January-October revenues Foxconn Electronics has made an impressive mark $ 37, 3 billion, which is 27, 47% more than last year. It is expected that during this month and December sales will continue to grow.
The excellent financial performance is also demonstrated and Foxconn Technology. Revenues from sales last month was $ 513 million, which is 13, 12% more than in September, and 25, 9% more than in October 2007. Revenue from sales from January to October reached nearly $ 3, 93 billion, thus the annual growth of 18, 56%.
More information on the financial success of Foxconn Electonics and Focxonn Technology - in the table below.


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