Free mobile TV in the United States in summer

April 21, 2009, 7:57 pm

   Washington becomes the first city of the United States, whose inhabitants would be able to take on their mobile devices such as phones, laptops and netbuki, automotive entertainment systems, free digital TV broadcasts. This was recently expressed by representatives of broadcasting companies.
The broadcasting of digital mobile TV will be carried out via mobile DTV. The initiative will bring together the local representation of CBS, NBC, PBS, Ion, and Fox. The proposed mobile user content will be identical to what is transmitted to the stationary television, including TV shows and commercials. Broadcast mobile DTV starts near the end of summer this year.
It was expected that the main consumers of the new service will become the owners of mobile phones, but telecom operators are not delighted by this initiative - the two largest operators have their own TV services, which, among other things, cost money.
At an exhibition in Las Vegas, which will be held this week at the initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters (National Association of Broadcasters), a compact laptop with a built-mobile DTV receiver will show the company Dell. Phones that support the new standard are preparing the South Korean giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Relevant TV receivers for cars developed by Kenwood.
It is expected that by the end of the year access to the mobile DTV will receive more than twenty major U. S. cities. This area covers cover about 39% of households. Lucky are the residents of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta.


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