Fresh Duet Custom GeForce 9600 GSO from MSI

April 14, 2009, 10:39 am

fresh duet custom geforce 9600 gso from msi 
fresh duet custom geforce 9600 gso from msi   The official website of the company Micro-Star International (MSI) have descriptions of two new and very original versions of performance graphics adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO, each of which is formed on the printed circuit board custom red and fitted with an alternative design dvuhslotovym round cooler with a radiator and a large fan in the center.
Model MSI N9600GSO-MD512 and MSI N9600GSO-MD1G differ from each other so that the first manned GDDR3 memory in 512 MB with a frequency of 1800 MHz, while the second was on board the same 1024 MB memory, which operates on frequency of 1400 MHz. However, in both cases, using 128-bit memory interface, while the frequency of graphic core is 600 MHz.
Both the accelerator has 96 stream processors, use the PCI Express bus 2. 0 х16, compatible with DirectX 10. 0 Shader Model 4. 0 and OpenGL 2. 1, as well as technology support NVIDIA GigaThread Technology, NVIDIA Lumenex Engine, NVIDIA Quantum Effects Technology, NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology, NVIDIA SLI Technology, NVIDIA PhysX Technology and NVIDIA CUDA Technology. As for recruiting retired rear panel ports, it is a DVI, D-Sub and HDMI.
Now you know when and how the prices these products will go on sale.


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