Fresh UI 8. 14:free optimization

September 10, 2008, 8:56 pm

   New free program for adjusting and optimizing Windows. Fresh UI proposes to carry out fine-tuning of many standard applications Windows - Internet Explorer, Media Player, NetMeeting, Notepad, Outlook Express, Regedit, Task Scheduler, Windows Messenger, Explorer. With its help, you can also change system settings, in particular relating to security, network, enable or disable the computer. The program allows you to change various parameters, which relate to the interface Windows, such as the Start menu, Quick Launch, dialog boxes, opening windows and preservation of documents, desktop, etc. The program has Russian interface.
In this version adds the possibility to remove unused icons from the system tray.
Developer:Fresh DevicesCorp. Distribution:free operating system:Windows All Size 1, 47 MB can download from here.


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