FSC PRIMERGY NAS Blade NX650 - storage system as a module

December 21, 2008, 8:45 pm

   The company Fujitsu Siemens Computers introduced a new networked storage systems (Network-attached storage, NAS) PRIMERGY NAS Blade NX650, done in the format modules for use in the chassis BX600 S3. According to the manufacturer, the device is targeted at small and medium businesses and is positioned as an inexpensive system for integrated environment modular servers, is particularly well suited in cases of limited space in the server rack. According to Fujitsu Siemens, the price of 155, 900 rubles for the pre-configured system of two-blade modules PRIMERGY NX650 - servers and storage systems - is cost-effective alternative to investment in more expensive external storage systems for this segment of customers.
for the unconditional merits of a reservoir could include the ability to provide resources storage system not only modular servers in the same chassis, but also all other systems connected to the same LAN, making high-speed disk storage systems central element of the network. Fujitsu Siemens emphasized the simplicity of administration of the device favorably distinguishes it from the complex networks of data storage SAN. PRIMERGY NX650 is running a specialized operating system Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, which provides a simple and rapid deployment, simplified management console via web-based interface, as well as rapid data recovery and the creation of backups in the background. In addition, the supply system is included trial version of software BrightStor ARCserver, for backup, and the full protection of critical business data. Optionally available interface iSCSI, which further strengthen the capacity of the system.
configuration entry-level system consists of two separate blade-ins - Blade servers NX650 Server-based server PRIMERGY BX620 S4 and blade-storage systems NX650 Storage. In the blade server is a quad-core processor Intel Xeon E5405 (2 GHz), 4 GB of system memory, two 2, 5-inch hard disk SAS Hot Plug capacity of 36 GB, working in the mode of mirroring), six built-Gigabit Ethernet network ports and one SAS/RAID-controller with 512 MB cache and support functions iBBU (intelligent backup power from batteries). Computer system can be expanded by installing additional processor and the three modules of system memory to 4 GB. Data storage systems NX650 Storage comes with three 2, 5-inch hard drive, SAS Hot Plug capacity of 146 GB, configured by default RAID 5 array. The possibility of expanding to five hard drives provides a total capacity of 730 GB. To further enhance the system can add a second blade module NX650 Storage and thereby doubling the capacity disk storage systems - to 1, 4 Tb.


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