Fujitsu has developed a CMOS-chip transceiver for automotive radar

February 16, 2009, 12:40 pm

   Fujitsu Laboratories Limited announced the development of the world`s first 77 GHz transceiver for automotive radar, built on the basis of 90-nm CMOS technology (CMOS) in a single chip containing all the necessary RF circuits. This chip contains a number of new proprietary miniaturization technologies, including the coil inductor, designed in the form of printed circuits, as well as the proliferation signal circuits using magnetic interactions. Who has an area of the substrate 1, 2 x 2, 4 mm chip - the smallest known to date, millimeter wave transceivers.
of the radar in the automotive electronics are considered as one of the most promising components to realize a lot of additional features and, in the first place - automatic system designed to prevent collisions. Until now, the classic solution for implementing on-board radar was the use of circuits with multiple chips, including the radio frequency component and chip control access to the media that causes the relatively high cost of the system. Fujitsu Laboratories proposed approach maximizes integrate all necessary functions in one chip, made by well-developed technology with low cost manufacturing, which provides the basis for the mass introduction of automotive radar systems based on them.
Fujitsu Laboratories announced its intention to continue work on expanding the functionality of the chip, the benefit, the use of CMOS technology for the production allows relatively easy to build design a wide variety of additional schemes. It was expected that in the first instance the company will add a chain autocompensation to take into account changes in the external environment, as well as blocks of logic required to implement systems using radar.


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