Fujitsu minimize the production of heads for HDD

January 27, 2009, 10:24 pm

   The official press release the company Fujitsu Limited announced the winding down of its business for the production of magnetic heads for hard disk drives by 31 March 2009. Refusal to release heads for HDD is part of a revised strategy for the production of HDD as a whole.
In the official report the company also reported that all employees of the factory in Nagano, engaged in the development and production of heads for HDD (of the order of 360 specialists), will be redeployed to other posts within the corporation Fujitsu Group. The factory, which also produces printed circuit boards for servers and telecommunications equipment, will continue operations for the production of these components, and after 31 March.
Collapsing business for the production of magnetic heads for hard disk drives will be displayed Fujitsu recurrent production losses in the amount of # 165, 5, 0 billion in the fiscal quarter ended for the company on 31 December 2008.
Judging by the numerous rumors and assumptions of industrial circles, in the future is not excluded the option of full sale of the business for production of Fujitsu hard disk drives. Thus, at the end of 2008 persistently circulated rumor about a possible sale of the business HDD-Fujitsu company WD, which has subsequently not been confirmed. But already this year in proskakivali press reports of a possible sale of the business HDD-Fujitsu Japanese company Toshiba.


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