Funny mix of Dig Dug and Dungeon Keeper for the PSP

April 9, 2009, 7:56 am

funny mix of dig dug and dungeon keeper for the psp   The company NIS announced its next game for the PSP called Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman ! What Did I Do to Deserve This ? The toy is a peculiar mixture of Dig Dug and Dungeon Keeper. Your challenge has been the protection of a bad guy from the good characters who want to kill him. To secure an accident, you are invited to dig around rvy, planted around all the monsters and watch to ensure that demonic ecosystem (Demon Ecosystem) has been well balanced. It sounds quite interesting. Looks Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman ! simple, but exotic.
Screenshots look really mysterious. Watch the game live will have very soon, when the PSN Store will release a demo version. On the PlayStation Blog, you can gather more information about this product, as well as take part in a special network competition.
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